10 Picture-Perfect Paint Colours for a Bathroom

Redecorating your bathroom can be a daunting prospect – there are so many decisions to make, from colour palettes to wall finishes. But when it comes down to picking the perfect paint colour, one thing is for sure: you don’t have to settle for anything less than picture-perfect.

From soothing neutrals to vibrant hues and bold shades, we’ve rounded up ten classic yet distinctly modern colours that will give your bathroom a perfectly curated look. So grab a roller or brush and let’s get ready to create beautiful spaces in no time flat!

Blue Hues For A Classic Look

A classic bathroom look is timeless, and blue hues can give your space the perfect touch to achieve it. From a classic navy to shades of powdery periwinkle, blues come in various tones that give you the flexibility to mix and match whatever fits your design scheme. Blue is known for creating a calming effect and vibe within a room, making it ideal for bathroom spaces. For those looking to bring beauty and tranquillity together in their area, try adding blue hues in rugs, artwork, accent pieces or furniture to create that perfect classic look.

Modern bathroom with bright glowing illumination

Eye-Catching Greens To Brighten Up The Room

If you want to make the bathroom exciting and eye-catching, think about incorporating some greenery! Adding a green accent wall can be an easy way to draw attention as soon as someone steps into the room. Additionally, lush plants scattered around can bring life to a dull space and give it a spa-like ambience.

If wallpapers or tiles with green patterns feel too overwhelming, simple accessories like candles and towels can instantly add some zest and refresh the overall vibe. At the end of the day, all it takes is adding little splashes of greens here and there to get that perfect effect!

Elegant Neutrals For Calming Spaces

Instead of concentrating on vibrant colours, using neutrals as an accent can still create the same inviting atmosphere but with a much more subtle approach. Shades of white and cream can bring out the brightness of the room while providing a soothing light. Soft taupes, greys and beiges are a great way to add size to the bathroom while lending neutral tones that give off a relaxing energy instead of making you feel overwhelmed with colour choices. When used well, neutrals have a natural ability to make even the smallest spaces look bigger, giving your bathroom an open and free feeling.

Photo of Bathroom Interior

Warm & Inviting Oranges and Browns

You can create an inviting and warm environment in your bathroom by painting your walls orange or brown. Incorporating oranges, ranging from soft pastels to vivid tangerines, can make the space look energised and welcoming. Combining this hue with shades of dark brown has a cosy, earthy effect that could be pleasing to your guests; it also gives a rustic charm to the room. Consider adding accents such as orange tiles and wooden countertops for contrast; you can also add natural elements like terracotta or stone for texture and tones that blend.

Nature Inspired Brown and Grey Shades

If you are looking to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in your bathroom, then nature-inspired brown and grey shades may be the perfect way to achieve it. Brown and grey evoke a sense of calmness that will help to create an inviting and serene space. Reclaimed wood or touches of greenery, can also help complement these hues, resulting in a cosy yet modern space. When applied correctly on the walls and cabinets, these neutral shades give a brilliant visual dimension to any bathroom setting. A soothing environment is key for creating the ultimate spa-like sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Soft & Peaceful Lavenders and Purples

Adding a tranquillizing touch of soft and peaceful lavenders and purples to your bathroom will bring a sense of relaxation and clarity to the room. You can achieve this vision by adding these soothing shades as part of your decoration or simply by introducing some floral patterns into your furniture. Not only are they a great way to impart warmth and encourage thoughtful conversations, but they also allow you to jump into waters of hearty relaxation after a long day.

Cheery Pinks and Yellows for Fun Spaces

Cheery pinks and yellows are the perfect colourways to inject some energy into the bathroom area. Whether you decide to opt for an array of shades in both colours, or just feature one colour more prominently than the other as a feature wall, these bright hues evoke feelings of summer sunshine and joy. And depending on the furniture, fixtures and accessories chosen to coordinate with the paint palette, a playful environment can be created that kids will love and adults will find inviting.

Colourful bathroom with sink on cabinet near mirror and toilet

Monochromatic Black Bathrooms For Drama

Monochromatic black bathroom spaces are a unique way to create an entirely different atmosphere and ambience in your home. By combining a single colour scheme, these bathrooms can turn into effortlessly elegant space that is both modern and timeless. Coupled with bright-coloured accents, such as artwork or towels, these monochrome black bathrooms make a dramatic statement that not only draws attention but also adds functional elements of style to the existing design. High-contrast lighting can bring out more dramatic elements in this classic setting.

Bright Whites For Timeless Appeal

When looking for timeless appeal in your bathroom, nothing provides that classic look quite like the glistening colours of bright whites. From the gleaming floors to the crisp walls, using this colour palette will create a soft and inviting atmosphere that never goes out of style. Bright whites can be used in conjunction with accent colours such as pastels or contrasted with one bold colour to add a splash of vibrancy. Whichever way it is used, these colours are sure to make your bathroom an oasis you don’t ever want to leave.

 Washroom interior with cabinet with sink and mirror near the door

Multi-Colour Combinations for Bold Statements  

Making a bold statement in your bathroom is easy with the right colour combination. Multi-colour combinations allow you to incorporate vibrant hues that add dimension to any room. By blending different shades of colour, you can create an atmosphere of rejuvenation and relaxation for your private oasis. Whether it’s bright oranges, blues, greens or classic neutrals, these coordinating colours can transform a space without breaking the bank. The best part? You can switch up the palette whenever you desire – giving your unique style a creative canvas to showcase seasonally!

Bathroom Style Guide


From sleek stainless steel to warm, rustic wood finishes, there are lots of options for bathroom finishes these days. Beyond choosing materials, you can choose from a variety of looks and styles that range from contemporary to traditional. Solid surface materials such as quartz or marble come in an array of colours and patterns, providing an opportunity to customize your bathroom space with remarkable beauty and elegance.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, laminate gives the same look as natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Whether you’re creating a tranquil spa atmosphere or going for modern urban chic, there is sure to be a unique mix of finishes that fits your personal style and design aesthetic.

Furnishings and Fixtures

Are you looking to give that special touch of your own personal style to your bathroom? Look no further than a style guide to bathroom furnishings and fixtures! With the right combination of furniture and fixtures, you can give your washroom a character all its own. Start by choosing a colour scheme that complements the space well and fits in with the rest of your home decor. If you choose the colour scheme wisely, pairing it carefully with white fixtures and appliances – such as a toilet with a Sauben smart seat or high-end vanity cabinet – you can lift the look of your bathroom without sacrificing a ‘clean’ look.

Think about including wall decorations, from ceramic tiles to beaded draperies, which can add a vibrancy unseen in other rooms. Finally, consider what type of storage would work best for you; baskets or floating shelves are some options! With these three tips, it’s easy to create beautiful comfort and functionality when infusing bathroom furnishings and fixtures with a unique style.

Photo Of Mirror Attached To The Wall


When it comes to decorating your bathroom, accessories can be key! A style guide to bathroom accessories can help you find the perfect pieces to bring your look together. Whether you are looking for decorative towels, sleek shower curtains, or just a few handy organisers, there is something out there to fit into any bathroom aesthetic.

From contemporary to antique or vintage, there is a wide range of bathroom accessories available in the market. Think through colours and patterns carefully to ensure that the items match the rest of the bathroom’s style, and pay attention to function – grab some great storage solutions for all of your toiletries and make sure you select functional items such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders. With this style guide in hand, you can be confident that you’ll achieve the look that perfectly fits your space.

Light vs Dark Bathrooms

If you’re trying to decide on how your bathroom should be designed, a big element to consider is the colour scheme you will use; specifically, whether to choose a light or dark palette. Light bathrooms tend to be bright and uplifting, while dark bathrooms create a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere. whether you opt for a light or dark bathroom, using metro tiles is a great choice.

A light-coloured bathroom can be achieved with materials like white tiles, marble, painted walls and furniture in pastel shades. While for a dark-themed bathroom look for features like dark wall treatments, charcoal tile floors, black fixtures, deep stained woods and natural stones. However you decide your design preferences, remember that an effective style guide requires more than just visual selection – consistency of colours and shapes are key components in creating a coherent overall look.

Utilising Natural Light

Nothing can beat the feeling of a bright and airy bathroom that’s full of natural light! Luckily, it’s relatively easy to design a bathroom space that takes advantage of natural light. By using light-coloured paint on the walls, installing large mirror tiles, artfully arranging furniture and investing in sheer window treatments, dwellings with limited bathroom windows can still benefit from a healthy dose of sunlight.

Adding special effects like energy-efficient LED lights and accent lighting can take your experience to the next level. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a modern aesthetic, natural light is an indispensable part of the perfect bathroom space.

 Minimalist Style Bathroom


After considering all of the many different shades available, it is clear that no matter what colour palette is chosen for a bathroom, there are many options to choose from. All of the ten options provided here are beautifully timeless, and will certainly add value to any bathroom.

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