12 Clever Appliances That Save Precious Time at Home

Do you ever feel like your day-to-day life is dominated by tedious chores and monotonous tasks that take up so much of your precious time? From cooking to cleaning, doing laundry to mowing the lawn – it can seem like all of these activities devour our hours in a never-ending cycle. But what if there was a way to help buy back some of those precious moments?

That’s exactly where clever home appliances come in! With just a few minor changes or additions to the way you live, any household can benefit from the time-saving capabilities of modern home appliance technology. Keep reading for 12 clever appliances that will undoubtedly make your daily routine smoother and less stressful!

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1. Slow Cookers: The Time-Saving Kitchen Staple

Slow cookers are the real gift for busy home cooks. They provide a simple way to make delicious meals with minimal effort, saving valuable time in the kitchen. Perfect for busy families or anyone who wants a tasty meal with very little hands-on cooking, slow-cooked recipes often require fewer ingredients and shorter prep times than traditional recipes.

A slow cooker is a type of kitchen equipment that cooks food at low temperatures over a long period of time, similar to a traditional oven. Slow cooking is an energy-efficient method of food preparation as it requires less electricity than the regular stovetop and oven models. For convenience, slow cookers can be plugged in so that meals can be cooked while away from home – making them perfect for busy cooks!

It’s great for busy households as only one pot is needed to prepare multiple types of meals including meats, stews, roasts and other sides – all with minimal effort. The high-quality materials used to construct slow cookers guarantee excellent results with reliable performance – making them an essential tool in any modern kitchen. Slow cookers are extremely convenient too. You can just plug them in and place them on your worktop, and you are ready to go!

Not only that, but they are extremely versatile machines that can be used to whip up a variety of dishes like stews, casseroles, sides, desserts and more. To top it off, most slow cooker meals need no monitoring while they cook – so you can go off and do other things while your mouth-watering dish simmers away.

2. Pressure Cookers: Speed Up Your Cooking Schedule

Pressure cookers are becoming increasingly popular kitchen appliances due to their convenient and efficient way of cooking. A pressure cooker works by trapping steam within the appliance, creating an internal environment with a much higher boiling point than air. As a result, food cooks up to 70% faster than the traditional method!

It’s important to note that the food cooks under intense heat and pressure, so one must be careful when using a pressure cooker. For all its advantages and convenience, some may still be intimidated by using one; however, thanks to modern technology many of today’s pressure cookers are equipped with safety features and simple controls for easy use. With its usage increasing over time, you can take advantage of this great appliance in order to make tasty meals quickly and easily.

They are outstanding kitchen tools that can help you prepare meals in lightning time. If you’re looking to save time by preparing a meal faster, you don’t need to compromise on taste. With a pressure cooker, you get the same flavour with much less of a wait! It may look like your average pot but they are used to quickly heat food with steam trapped inside them, meaning recipes that normally take hours can be done in just minutes.

3. Stand Mixers: The Perfect Time-Management Tool for Bakers

A stand mixer is a kitchen appliance that helps to make the preparation and mixing of ingredients for cooking and baking easier. It takes the hard manual labour out of the equation and does it more efficiently than if done by hand. The stand mixer typically consists of a motorized base, one or several attachments, an accessory port and a range of different speed settings. With its wide range of controls, you can mix up all types of dishes with just one machine.

It’s one must-have tool for all at-home bakers and cooks who prioritise speed, accuracy and excellent results every time! Stand mixers are the dream of any baker – they are a great time-management tool that can easily be used to make more elaborate desserts. With a stand mixer, ingredients can be added one at a time while it mixes, which allows bakers to easily incorporate different flavours and textures into their treats.

Moreover, these mixers come with different attachments that make it possible for bakers to knead the dough, whisk eggs and other ingredients, or beat cream for the perfect frosting.

 Stand Mixer on a Table

4. Robot Vacuums: Keep Your Home Tidy with Minimal Effort

Robot vacuums have become a popular choice for modern households. They provide immense convenience by doing the tedious task of cleaning floors. With advanced remote control features, robot vacuums can be conveniently operated from any location without having to lift a finger. Furthermore, these state-of-the-art devices are highly efficient and are designed to thoroughly clean all kinds of floors, carpets or rugs in the most time-saving way.

Their natural navigation system ensures that they thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of your home while avoiding obstacles like furniture and walls with ease. All in all, robotic vacuums make the perfect cleaning partners for busy homeowners who want to maintain a spick and span home with minimal effort. Robot vacuums offer the ability to keep your house looking its best without needing to put in a lot of effort. With these cleaning devices, you don’t need to worry about holding a heavy and awkward vacuum cleaner as all you need to do is press a button and let the robot take care of the rest. They can even be set on a timer so you can have them clean at regular intervals without having to program it yourself every time.

5. Instant Pots: Make One-Pot Meals in No Time

Instant pots are becoming a major trend in the kitchen due to their ability to prepare delicious meals quickly and easily. With this appliance, you can make one-pot meals with less mess and fuss. It’s essentially an electric pressure cooker that comes with multiple functions such as slow cooking, steaming, sautéing and more.

The instant pot pressure cooker also has a timer feature, so you can set it and leave the kitchen while your meal is being prepared. This appliance is perfect for those who want to prepare delicious meals in less time without compromising on taste or quality. Instant pots are designed to conserve energy so they are more energy-efficient than traditional cookers.

6. Dishwashers: Say Goodbye to Handwashing Dishes

Handwashing dishes is the one household chore no one looks forward to. Fortunately, say goodbye to endless mountains of dishes because dishwashers are here to save the day! Dishwashers are one of the most convenient appliances in any home. Not only do they wash dishes more efficiently than when done by hand, but they can also save a lot of time and energy. Plus, many dishwashers come with special features such as specialized cycles, heated drying and even built-in water treatments. Modern dishwashers are designed to be quieter and more efficient than ever before, making them an ideal choice for busy families. With a dishwasher, messy meal times can quickly become stress-free with sparkling clean dishes ready for use with minimal effort on your part.

Not only do dishwashers reduce the amount of time it takes to clean your dishes, but they also ensure all grime and bacteria are washed away with each cycle. Whether you have a standard dishwasher or splurge on a smart model with features like adjustable racks for bigger items, all you need is the right detergent and your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Investing in a dishwasher will help you enjoy more time doing things that matter versus systematically scrubbing down individual plates!

7. Bread Makers: Be a Master Baker with Little Work

Making your own bread at home is easier than you think – with a bread maker to do the hard work for you! Bread makers are the perfect kitchen appliance for any baker. From fresh focaccia to delicious sourdough, you can make anything your heart desires with a bread maker. Not only are they easy to use, but they do all the hard work of kneading and rising so that you don’t have to. What’s more, a great selection of recipes and settings allows you to create precisely the kind of bread you want – from classic white or wheat loaves to dark rye and sweet speciality creations.

With a bread maker in your kitchen, you can enjoy freshly baked goodness anytime. Just add the ingredients, choose your desired settings, and enjoy the results of a freshly-baked loaf without all the effort. It’s an ideal solution for those with limited time, busy schedules, or novice bakers. Say goodbye to expensive store-bought bread and hello to homemade bread that is delicious, healthier, and uniquely yours. With a bread maker in your kitchen, be proud to show off your baking skills as you become the master baker you’ve always wanted to be.

8. Washer/Dryer Combos: Simplify Your Laundry Routine

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with your laundry routine, a washer/dryer combo appliance is an ideal solution. Not only does it simplify the process of getting your clothes clean and dry, but it also frees up precious space in your home by combining the two functions into one unit. And today’s appliances are far more efficient than ever before, meaning you won’t be wasting energy trying to keep up with your laundry needs.

Washer/Dryer Combos have revolutionised the way we do laundry. With these amazing machines, you can get your washing and drying done in one convenient unit. No more having to wait for hours for clothes to dry on racks or having two bulky appliances competing for space in your home. Washer/Dryer Combos use less energy than their standalone counterparts, saving money on monthly electric bills. Plus, modern washer/dryers come equipped with digital control panels that make them easier to navigate and program. With all these benefits, investing in a washer/dryer combo could be the perfect way to streamline your laundry routine forever.

Person Using Washing Machine

9. Air Fryers: Healthy, Crispy Food in Half the Time

Air fryers are a great addition to any kitchen. They allow you to make delicious, crispy foods in half the time, while still keeping them healthy. Air fryers have been growing in popularity lately as a healthy way to prepare food. Not only do they reduce the amount of oil required to cook, but they also cut down on unhealthy fats by cooking most foods with little to no oil. Cooking food with an air fryer uses little to no oil, so you can enjoy your favourite fried items without the extra fat and calories.

Frying is also much faster with an air fryer since all of the hot air gets circulated around the food more quickly. Plus, many come equipped with adjustable settings allowing you to choose the optimal temperature for the food you’re cooking. They are quicker than traditional deep-frying methods, being able to cook a meal in just minutes. The air fryer’s efficiency is made possible by an innovative fan that rapidly circulates hot air around the food, crisping it up while sealing in its natural moisture and flavour.

Whether you are looking for convenient meal solutions or just want to cut back on some unhealthy fats, an air fryer is definitely worth considering! And if that wasn’t enough, cleanup is a breeze – air fryers typically have removable parts making it easy to soak and scrub away grease and grime from each part in a matter of minutes. So why not add an air fryer to your kitchen today? You can save time and eat healthier by using one!

10. Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines: Enjoy Quality Beverages Whenever You Need It

Who doesn’t love a good cup of Joe? Coffee makers and espresso machines make it easy to get your caffeine fix anytime you want. Coffee Makers and Espresso Machines are a popular choice among coffee lovers. Whether you need a quick jolt in the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up, these handy machines will deliver high-quality beverages that are sure to satisfy you.

With the right coffee maker or espresso machine, you can enjoy delicious iced lattes, frothy cappuccinos and creamy macchiatos – all created to perfection in the comfort of your own home. With so many options ranging from manual hand-pumped machines to automated bean-to-cup systems, it can be difficult to know the difference between them. Coffee makers are ideal for making standard cups of drip-brewed coffee while espresso machines use steam pressure to produce a darker, more intense brew.

 Coffee machine on the white kitchen counter

Both appliances require skill and proper maintenance in order to get the best flavours out of each cup of fresh-brewed coffee but with a little practice and knowledge, you can become an aficionado of both machines. Try out different brewing techniques and flavours, savour your favourite drinks and always indulge with ease. Coffee makers and espresso machines offer an enjoyable way to brew drinks that are rich in flavour and loaded with quality exclusive ingredients.

11. Clothes Steamer: Tackle Wrinkles Instantly

Nothing can ruin an outfit faster than a stubborn wrinkle, but the age-old practice of ironing is tedious and time-consuming. Thankfully, the clothes steamer is here to tackle wrinkles instantly! Clothes steamers are the latest rage and have quickly become a necessary household appliance. Not only are they quick to use, but they work on any type of fabric, giving them even more utility. They can help with eliminating wrinkles and deodorizing clothes without damaging the cloth.

Clothes steamers also offer some unique advantages over traditional ironing machines. For instance, they don’t require setting up an ironing board or having access to an electrical outlet—just fill the steamer with water, wait for it to heat up and let the nozzle of the steamer do its magic! In addition, most modern clothes steamers are designed for easy storage and maintenance so you can rest assured that your garment will stay looking as good as new for a long time!

With its quick and easy use, all you have to do is mount it on a hanger, press the steam button, and tug at the fabric ever so gently— your shirts will be smooth and wrinkle-free in no time. Steaming also kills bacteria from clothing, plus the moisture helps to preserve fabric integrity. Whether you are prepping for a big meeting or getting ready for an elegant event, trust that your clothes won’t have to suffer through a traditional ironing regime – just use a clothes steamer instead!

12: Boiling Water Taps: Access Boiling Water Instantly

Boiling water taps are becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices around the world. Installed directly into existing water systems, these convenient kitchen fixtures provide a constant stream of heated water for teas and coffees, saving users the chore of manually boiling a pot on the stove each morning. Boiling water taps enable a variety of uses – cooking noodles and poaching eggs is much simpler when everything comes straight from one source.

They even allow for perfect portions of hot liquids, letting you decide exactly how warm or cold your drink should be every time. Replacing an old-fashioned kettle or two could also save energy and money, as instant hot water spares your appliances from running around the clock. Ultimately, boiling water taps make mealtime easier than ever while giving you plenty of control over temperature and consistency.

Photo of a boiling water faucet

Hanstrom 4 in 1 taps are becoming more popular in today’s homes. These taps offer an instant solution to making hot drinks and preparing meals – simply turn the handle and you can enjoy instant boiling water or cold, filtered water. It’s so easy that it almost feels like having a little personal chef in your kitchen! Not only are these taps a timesaver, but they take up minimal counter space as well. Boiling water taps make it possible to access boiling water instantly with just a few simple controls – making them both convenient and valuable for any modern kitchen.

Are Boiling Water Taps Worth It?

Boiling water taps are a great way to save time, energy, and money while almost instantaneously getting boiling water. This convenience can be utilized for many different kitchen tasks such as making coffee or tea, preparing baby’s formula, or cleaning dishes and utensils. not only a boiling water tap saves time and effort, but these taps also promote sustainability.

Instead of having to boil and boil large amounts of water with an electric kettle hitting peak power more frequently than if one were to use a normal cold tap, the user only uses the energy taken when actually needed. Overall, boiling water taps are worth the initial investment for those looking for more convenience in their life and sustainability in their home.


In conclusion, it is clear that there are many different clever appliances available to help save precious time at home. Whether you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that can do the cleaning for you, a coffee maker that can deliver a hot cup of coffee with the press of a button or an air fryer to help cook your meals in under 10 minutes, there is a technology-filled product out there to help you out around the house.

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